Freeing up the phones with text-based travel updates

COVID-19 Use Case #3

The disruption caused by COVID-19 has left many holidaymakers worried about their travel plans. One travel website knew that a spike in customer queries could potentially overwhelm their telephone support staff, so they set up a text-based service as an alternative.

Users can opt in over telephone, or text JOIN to a short code to start receiving SMS or MMS messages – whatever their device supports. Then they’re ready to figure out their next move, with the help of messages like:

“The booking we’re looking at today is your stay at the Grand Hotel on July 5-14th? Is that correct? Text Yes or No. Reply STOP to cancel”

“Good news! Your hotel is offering free cancellation due to COVID-19. Would you like us to cancel your booking?”

At a time when no one quite knows how long the disruption will last, text messages like these give travellers some peace of mind, and help travel companies handle the inevitable surge in queries.