GDPR communications solutions

Shape the right comms strategy for GDPR compliance

On May 25th 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force. That means your customers are going to have the right to access, update and remove any data you hold on them.

And if this data is leaked, you’ll need to notify them as soon as possible.

When it comes to being GDPR compliant, good customer communication strategies aren’t just a nice to have, they’re essential.

The GDPR Communications package

We use tried-and-tested SMS templates and APIs to help you stay compliant with the GDPR – and provide a better service for your customers. Our communications package features:

Data cleansing

The first step in a GDPR communications plan is ensuring you can reach your customers. This means you’ll need to make sure their numbers are still live and are correctly formatted. With our data cleansing, we can do this for you.

Data breach notifications

If a data breach does happen, you need to communicate rapidly with your customers to help protect them and to avoid staggering fines. SMS is by far the fastest way to reach your customers. We can help set you up with personalized breach notification messages.

Right to access, update and erase

Protect your call center from this big information ask by using SMS. Your customer simply sends the keyword ACCESS, UPDATE or DELETE to a dedicated number. We then check their number against your database and, if it matches, send the request into your systems.

Check out our content below to find out more about how you can shape the right communications strategy for the GDPR.

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