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multi-channel messaging magic

Connect gives you multi-channel messaging power. SMS, MMS and RCS APIs are at your disposal.

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Messaging APIs –
for the developers

The indigo multi-channel messaging platform is optimized for non-technical users. But Connect offers your developers all the tools they need too.

APIs for SMS, MMS and RCS

Connect’s flexible APIs for MMS, SMS and RCS make connecting mobile messaging to your systems and tools simple and straightforward. From deliveries, to authentication, to post-sales support, Connect helps you set up an endless variety of triggers for your messaging – so your processes run smoothly.

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Messaging formats for every handset

Multi-channel messaging is here – so you can communicate with customers on their terms. Connect will gracefully upgrade or downgrade the message to the richest format for the receiving handset. Sending an RCS campaign? Easy – phones that aren’t yet compatible get an SMS instead.

Introducing Branded Messaging

Branded Messaging lets you deliver SMS messages complete with your brand logo. Press send on an SMS campaign — and Connect can convert the text in transit to a Branded Message.

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Global Reach

Want to message a customer in Antarctica? Not a problem. We can help you connect with any mobile phone, anywhere – while navigating local requirements. View our network coverage maps for a region-to-region view of our reach.

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Superior routing
for A2P messages

Connect ensures messages travel safely through the most cost-effective global routes – without compromising on user experience or security. Our close relationships with operators boosts message success rates higher than any other platform. Bottom line: your customers will enjoy reliable, smooth experiences – in every corner of the globe.

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