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Create is now in beta. Join the program to build automated mobile messaging conversations – simply and swiftly.

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Automated interactions
– no expertise required

indigo Create empowers non-technical users to simply and quickly build automated messaging interaction workflows. Tools, templates and best-practice guidance help you every step of the way. Your audience is waiting…

Templated SMS campaigns

Choose from a library of templated SMS campaigns, all created by domain experts. There’s a dozen to begin with in the beta program – but this number will grow fast.

A guide to the indigo Create beta

Take a look at our quick-read guide for more information about the Create beta program.

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Here’s what else to expect from Create:

  • Organize and store your conversations and interactions.
  • Simple on-screen prompts that make getting started a breeze.
  • Create your own conversations, then store them as templates for easy use in future.
  • Previews that let you see exactly how your messages will display to your customers.


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A multi-channel interaction builder

Create will be a multi-channel interaction builder – you’ll be able to build SMS, MMS and RCS conversations. But during the beta, we’ll be focusing on SMS.

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