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The three plans for partners

Easy-to-use dashboards and reporting features – including spam alerts.

A deeper dive into short codes, traffic patterns, and delivery risk factors.

Tailor your insights with our specialized service.


As an SMS business that sends messages through OpenMarket, you get free access to a suite of easy-to-use dashboards and reporting features that help you understand SMS messaging metrics.

Combat spam

Spam reports can result in carriers shutting down codes, so act first. As part of the Core plan, OpenMarket partners get insights including:

  • SMS volume data
  • Country and success rates
  • Insights from the AT&T 7726 spam report
  • Rich, interactive reports – pre-built and customizable
  • Automated email alerts so the right people stay informed

Analyze traffic

Generally understand your campaigns better, and optimize them too, with:

  • SMS volume data
  • Rich, interactive messaging reports – pre-built and customizable
  • SMS volume data dashboard
  • Country & success rates dashboard



Our Premium plan packages offer advanced insights into your messaging. Partner Insights is the first package available. It offers all the benefits of the Core plan, plus a deeper dive into your short codes, traffic patterns and risk factors – with features like:

  • Daily word clouds
  • URLs and brand mentions
  • Campaign brief compliance checks
  • Prohibited word monitoring
  • Enhanced data visualizations



Need to tailor your reports and dashboards for unique insights? As part of the Custom plan, you can create a specialized insights package with the help of messaging data specialists. Our team is on hand to help you combine elements from different packages – or create something entirely new. Challenge them.

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It’s time to get down and dirty with indigo Insights. Find out how to access your insights, what geographies insights cover, and what’s coming next. Our FAQ for partners gives you the answers to all the important questions.

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A2P messaging just got better

indigo Insights makes it easy to get a view on all the traffic being delivered by multiple customers and originators.  This is your chance to optimize your messaging like never before. More Premium plan packages will become available to OpenMarket partners in the coming months. Get in touch to find out more.

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