WEBINAR – Introducing the Empathetic Interaction

Join our webinar to find out why customer's love empathetic interactions - and how they drive big wins for business.

The world’s biggest brands are differentiating in a new way – empathy. They’ve thought about the moments that can delight and engage customers, and make those interactions timely and useful. And their communications front-runner for this? SMS text messaging.

At OpenMarket, we call moments like these an Empathetic Interaction and we’d love to take you through them. So join us for a “no sales nonsense” 30-minute webinar on Thursday, February 22nd at 12:30 GMT, to learn:

  • Why empathy is the new business differentiator
  • What empathy means for communications – and why voice and email aren’t delivering
  • How text is changing the customer experience game, separating the best from the rest
  • How brands are using SMS to win big


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