Branded Messaging
Deliver branded SMS messages your customers recognize and trust

Branded Messaging lets you deliver SMS messages complete with your brand logo. Get noticed – and give your users a safe, verified messaging experience.

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Total simplicity – powered by indigo

Press send on an SMS message, and our new indigo multi-channel messaging platform converts the text in transit to a Branded Message. No technical setup or work required.

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Seeing is believing

From SMS – to a verified, branded mobile experience:

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Your guide to Branded Messaging

Read our Branded Messaging guide for an in-depth look at how it works, how it can benefit your company, and your next steps. (Spoiler: if you’re already an OpenMarket customer it takes minutes to get set up).

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Safer interactions

A Branded Message is technically an RCS message. You press send on an SMS – then the indigo platform converts it to an RCS during transit. Because every brand’s RCS identity must be registered with carriers, your customers can be sure that your Branded Message is from you.


Branded Messaging gives you deeper and richer engagement and ROI insights than can be gleaned from SMS alone. You get:

  • Delivery receipts for messages (those delivered as SMS or as Branded Messages).
  • Read receipts for all texts delivered as Branded Messages. Read receipts tell you exactly when a recipient opens your message.
  • A report showing the breakdown of messages delivered as SMS versus Branded Messages.
  • By combining read receipts and delivery receipts you can work out how long it took between a recipient receiving the Branded Message and opening it.
  • Your Branded Messaging read-receipt data can even be used as a proxy for the reach and ROI of your whole messaging campaign – SMS included.

Your rich messaging journey

Branded Messaging can be the first step on your rich messaging journey. The indigo multi-channel messaging platform makes it easy to set up automated and optimized customer interactions across Branded Messaging, SMS, RCS and MMS.

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