MMS-enabled business messaging – the technical lowdown

How to help your customers send and receive MMS via their trusted landline and toll-free numbers

Using SMS-enabled landlines and toll-free numbers for two-way and mass business texting is nothing new. But ‘MMS-enabling’ these numbers for your customers lets them communicate using videos, animations, GIFs and audio, taking engagement metrics to the next level. They’ll love you for it.

It’s also simple to set up – no campaign approval required. As an OpenMarket partner, you can get customer numbers enabled within two weeks.

For more details on how MMS works and all the relevant technical info, download our MMS datasheet.

You’ll discover:

  • How MMS-enabled business messaging works
  • The simple process of sourcing and/or enabling landlines for messaging
  • Which of your customers’ campaigns MMS-enabled messaging is right for
  • How to help your customers capitalize on the opportunities of MMS


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