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Add pictures, videos, GIFs and as much text as you want.

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Better engagement, more conversions

MMS lets you add images, audio clips, videos and GIFs to your messages – bringing oomph to your engagement and conversions to your campaigns.

Deliver coupons via text, send images of in-store stock, share a how-to video to help with a customer issue.

MMS also lets you include a subject line, and up to 5,000 characters of text. And your customers can send you multimedia messages too.

Why MMS matters

90% of CX leaders say fun or engaging messages help them deliver empathetic interactions. And 73% of consumers agree.

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MMS in action

MMS opens up new engagement opportunities. Take a look at the scenarios on the right:

  • A restaurant shares a coupon or voucher with a customer
  • A driver shares a video of a package she’s delivered so a customer knows where to find it
  • A fashion retailer sends a customer a special offer on a pair of jeans
  • An hotelier sends a birthday offer to a loyal customer with a discount code for a holiday

MMS features

Rely on our industry-leading MMS capacity to get mass-market MMS campaigns delivered in a heartbeat.


Set expiry dates for time-sensitive messages like promotions

Link to externally-hosted content – we’ll cache it to reduce bandwidth and increase speed

Receive enhanced delivery receipts so you can track the status of messages

Capture valuable data with enhanced number look-up


Access our MMS services using our MMS API or our Mobile Engagement Platform.

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How do MMS and RCS compare?

MMS and RCS are both multimedia formats. But they have some key differences:

  • RCS is more of an app-like experience with interactive buttons
  • RCS delivers richer interaction data
  • MMS currently reaches far more handsets in the US, UK, Ireland, and Australia (though RCS messages downgrade to SMS if handsets aren’t compatible)

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MMS-enabled Business Numbers

You can now deliver media-rich customer interactions directly to business landlines and toll-free numbers. And your customers can send multimedia messages back too.

Talk to us about our MMS-enabled Business Numbers service. Or download our guide.

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Whether you’re relying on 10DLC, short codes or TELL/TETF, we’ve got you covered.

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