Mobile Messaging Insights

Understand your messaging data – and optimize your campaigns

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SMS dashboard

Visual Insights

Easy-to-understand dashboards for anyone looking to get to grips with messaging data and trends.

SMS data insights

Reporting Insights

For more advanced users. Capture data, generate reports and schedule them to run at particular times.

SMS data analysis

Custom Insights

A bespoke service. Our messaging data experts work with you to deliver specialized insights.

Visual Insights

Grasp SMS data trends quickly and easily

Our Visual Insights dashboard suite helps you easily see and understand crucial SMS messaging metrics – even if you’re a data novice.

  • Unpick data in seconds with clear, colorful and easy-to-understand visualizations
  • Decide which data points appear in which dashboard using smart filters
  • Stop wasting time creating reports every time you need an insight

We’ve developed two dashboards to get you started:

SMS Volume

  • View your MT and MO message volumes – daily, weekly, monthly – or in any date range you choose
  • Understand originators used – as well as message status
  • Hover over points on the graph to find out exactly what’s happening at any given point in time

Country & Success Rates

  • View message success rates and understand delivery failures
  • Discover which countries have the highest volumes
  • Investigate failures by looking at response-code messages

If you’re an OpenMarket customer, access both dashboards now through the customer center. Or to see Visual Insights in action

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Reporting Insights

Dive deeper into your mobile messaging data

Our suite of reporting tools gives you the comprehensive view you need to optimize your messaging. Create rich, custom reports to understand what’s working and what’s not – then fix on the fly.

  • Filter by variables such as short codes, keywords, dates and destinations
  • Make sure reports reach the right people on time, with automated emails
  • Get started quickly with our wide range of pre-built reporting templates

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Custom Insights

Reports and dashboards tailored for your business

There are times when out-of-the box tools won’t cut it.

Maybe you need more granular information on short codes. Or perhaps you want to understand the relationship between your engagement data and business results.

Whatever the case, our mobile data experts are here to help you extract, visualize and understand your data.

Get in touch to let us know how.

Dive into the details

Download our datasheet for more detail on our messaging data services. Learn what insights you can extract – and how to use them to offer a better service to customers.

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Seeing is believing

It's tough to do visualizations justice with words and pics alone. Book a demo to see exactly how our reporting tools work.
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