MMS Messaging APIs

Show off your multimedia mojo


Our Multimedia Messaging APIs give you all the benefits of SMS, plus the ability to send rich content like images, video and audio for that added oomph. Even better, your customers can share rich content with you.

Deliver coupons via text, send images of in-store stock, or a how-to video to help with a customer issue – and watch engagement skyrocket.


Here’s the MMS API Lowdown.

Message validity period
Set expiry dates for time-sensitive messages like promotions.

Link to externally-hosted content
We’ll cache any content we retrieve from a URL for a short period, reducing bandwidth and increasing speed.

Enhanced delivery receipts
Track the status of every message you send with delivery codes.

Enhanced number look-up
Get help managing campaigns by capturing valuable data like operator, country and ISO codes.

Resilient network
Our highly-secure network is geo-redundant and uses automatic backups.

MMS in action


His new product isn’t working. That’s annoying. But your two-way service identified the problem and sent him a video showing him how to fix it.
That’s cool.

She can’t be home to collect her parcel. But she’s just sent an image via two-way text to show your delivery guy exactly where to leave it. Neat.

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