RCS ‘Chat’ Messaging APIs

Join OpenMarket at the cutting edge of Rich Communication Services.

Rich Communication Services (RCS) – also known as ‘Chat’ – is the future of mobile messaging. And we’re one of the pioneers.

We’ve delivered the world’s first RCS messaging campaign on behalf of Virgin, and we’re about to roll out RCS for you as part of our single API for all types of mobile messaging.

A treasure trove of insights
Expect delivery and read receipts by default, on-screen event tracking and the ability to define custom call-back data tied to each customer action.

All the integrations
Plug RCS directly into your third-party data sources for powerful insights about your customers, so you can continually test and optimize the experiences you offer.

Work with us – or without
Leverage our RCS expertise to help give your customers a mobile experience like never before. Or design your own message flows using our drag-and-drop Mobile Engagement Platform.

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Should you be excited by RCS? Here’s what some of the world’s most sophisticated mobile messaging teams have to say…

Improving the fan experience with ReplyBuy & Detroit Pistons

“[We] believe RCS messaging can provide a better mobile customer experience by making it easier for fans to attend and engage with their favorite team at sporting events.”

Keeping hospitals running smoothly with Philips

“RCS messaging from our MRI systems can inform our service representatives with critical information so they can take corrective action quickly.”

Learn about Philips

Protecting you from fraud with FICO

“Protecting bank consumers from financial fraud highlights how banks are looking after card and account holders and improves their customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. With enhanced presentation options, global delivery and read receipts, RCS messaging will help banks engage customers.”

Learn about FICO

Better service appointments with Sky

“RCS messaging can offer our customers a simply brilliant way to manage their install and service appointments. Exceeding our customers’ expectations and ensuring that we don’t send engineers to properties when the customer is not home is of great benefit to both Sky and the customer.”

Virgin and the first RCS campaign in the world

“We’re always thinking about our customers’ journeys and their next one. Virgin Trains is working with OpenMarket to explore RCS and the evolution of mobile messaging.”

Watch the demo in action:

Everything is automated with Samsung ARTIK

Samsung ARTIK’s Internet of Things platform enables smart communications from connected sensors and devices to mobile phones via messaging.

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