SMS Messaging APIs

Nothing so global ever felt so personal.

Give developers total freedom to create perfect customer experiences. Our SMS APIs are always available, secure and scalable.


Here’s the SMS API lowdown.

We’ve got both, so simply pick the one you need.

Automatic originator selection
We’ll automatically select the correct messaging originator for each message’s country of destination.

Simplified character encoding
No need to choose the right character encoding for your chosen mobile operator or language. It’s automatic.

Intelligent message concatenation
Deliver one message instead of making your customer wait on a three-parter.

Message validity period
Set expiry dates for time-sensitive messages like promotions.

Enhanced delivery receipts
Track the status of every message you send with delivery codes.

Enhanced number look-up
Get help managing campaigns by capturing valuable data like operator, country and ISO codes.

Global reach
Capitalize on our intelligent message routing and strong relationships with every major mobile operator.

Resilient network
Our highly secure network is geo-redundant and uses automatic backups.

Round-the-clock reporting
Simply extract data from the SMS API to feed our dashboards & reporting tools with different visualizations – or create your own custom ones. Get quick and reliable answers to the questions that matter most.


Choose your originators

All you need to know about 10DLC, short codes, and text-enabled toll free numbers

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Global coverage

Connect to over 200 countries and territories for your one-way programs, and 95+ countries for your two-way programs.

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