Text engagement for retailers

Retailers with thousands of locations in the US use CodeBroker’s loyalty and mobile coupon solution as part of their marketing efforts to improve customer experience.

Digital coupons

Using CodeBroker’s digital coupons, retailers see increases in store traffic and basket size, alongside significant savings by eliminating mailing costs. Most importantly, they also improve customer experiences and get the ability to track the whole sales journey.

Here are just some of the ways retailers are using digital coupons to improve customer engagement:

  • On-demand promotions: Promoted by your adverts, a customer texts a keyword to your short code to get a digital coupon.
  • SMS subscription list promotions: You can deliver digital coupons and marketing messages to customers who sign up to your SMS marketing list.
  • Smartphone App: Customers can view and redeem digital coupons delivered directly to your mobile app.

Marketing list and loyalty program sign-up

You can use CodeBroker’s Smart Join to sign-up customers to your loyalty program, SMS marketing list or email marketing list. After getting an outbound CTA, your customer texts your short code and gets a text message back. From there, they click through to your webpage to complete the process by filling in a short form.

Using Smart Join, our customers have seen:

  • Up to 25k customer sign-ups per day to their SMS marketing list;
  • 80% sign-up completion rates;
  • And a 50%+ redemption rate for welcome coupons.

Our security model also means you can:

  • Securely attribute customer information to a loyalty number;
  • Ensure each customer receives only one loyalty number;
  • And safely issue high-value offers knowing each customer will only receive and be able to redeem one coupon.

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