Mobile has broken the customer journey.
Here’s why our platform’s the fix.

Mobile and digital have fractured the old customer journey.

Before, you had four or five touch points to plot a customer journey. Now you’re faced with hundreds of real-time, intent-driven micro-interactions. When you’ve got millions of customers that means you’re facing a mega-challenge.

Here’s the good news: we’ve cracked it for you. Our Mobile Engagement Platform has the resilience and performance to let companies like yours connect with customers at massive scale.

Here’s how.

1. User and list management

You need to connect with the right people the way they prefer. Our platform gives you the ability to store the phone numbers of your users (and their vital details) all in one place. So you know who to engage – and the best way to engage them.

2. Consent management

Different countries have different legal and regulatory requirements for things like opt-in and opt-out rules. Our platform can comply with those rules, so you don’t need to worry.

3. Campaign management

You’ve got lots of campaigns. And each of those campaigns has lots of moving parts. Our platform gives you the ability to define a mobile interaction campaign in terms of its message content, its campaign scheduling, and the associated service configuration for any given use case.

4. Broadcasting

Most of the time your messages are going to be sent automatically because of a customer journey trigger. But if you want to write and schedule an ad hoc message and broadcast it to a large number of customers, our platform lets you do that. So you can respond to events in real-time.

5. Personalization

The personal touch is the key to getting customer experiences right. Our platform lets you customize messages for individuals – and lets you set engagement rules for people based on their own personal preferences.

6. Multichannel workflows

SMS has to be part of a multichannel customer engagement strategy. Our platform lets you quickly define complex workflows for a use case so you can determine what the next action should be. For example, if you need a mobile survey with branching logic for optional questions, our platform lets you create such use cases quickly and easily.

7. Integrations

We have a set of APIs that can connect with your CRM so you can easily send and receive data automatically. You can also connect our platform to third-party business applications for specialized solutions like ChatBots and Live Agent Chat via SMS. Using our SMS API, your developers can also design customized SMS messaging workflows with total freedom.

8. Dashboards and reporting

You need to be able to see that your mobile engagement’s working. Our platform gives you dashboard and reporting features so you can measure the business outcomes of your messaging campaigns.

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