12 Days of Christmas

Press release – December 12, 2012

Our 12 Days of Christmas feature continues, as we look at 12 of the most prominent companies currently operating in the industry

By Daniel Gumble, Mobile Entertainment

Fresh from picking up the ME Award 2012 for Best Customer Service, today’s 12 Days of Christmas feature focuses on OpenMarket.

One of the most notable areas of activity for OpenMarket this year has been its promotion of industry excellence in association with AIME. Having entered board level engagement with AIME, the company has been promoting best practices of the 12th Code of Practice released by PhonePayPlus, which is now one year old.

Adrian Sarosi, UK and EMEA director of Sales and Marketing said: ”Payforit 4 launched earlier this year and OpenMarket is proud to have been the first API to incorporate it in its solutions. We lead the working group on Payforit and have an active participation in working groups for interactive TV and in-app billing.”

Furthermore, OpenMarket supported the charitable drive into mobile, both directly and with partners such as OpenFundraising. An example of the company’s work with charities this year is The Fabergé Big Egg Hunt campaign, which broke the Guinness world record for the ‘Most participants in an Easter egg hunt’.

OpenMarket has also invested significant time and effort into its processes and performance, with a key focus on security and customer service, culminating in its recent ME Awards 2012 success and being selected as the mobile engagement partner for one of the largest  global systems integrators (one of the projects is highlighted in the case study).

It has also been investing in and evolving its Mobile Engagement Platform (MEP) for greater usability and soon integration with the newly launched Push notification service. Mr Sarosi added: “These are complementary messaging types as we recognise today’s customer needs the choice as to how THEY wish to ENGAGE with THEIR audience.”

Elsewhere, the company has also continued to promote best services for SMS use as, despite the proliferation of smartphones, SMS is still the most used app in the world and is available on all handset types.