Ad Roundup: Integrations and a Mobile Launch

Press release – July 9, 2014

By Kristina Knight, Biz Report

This week, Mozu integrates with three industry leaders and OpenMarket offers new availability for mobile codes. Learn more in our Advertising RoundUp:

First, OpenMarket is launching a US-based long code mobile messaging option. Long codes can be used to simplify appointment confirmations, customer service and chat options. These codes may become even more important as more of customer service goes mobile. According to a recent Forrester report 86% of enterprises surveyed ‘plan to use’ SMS this year for messaging and customer engagement.

“There is an increasing market demand for US long codes for non-marketing, business operational use cases,” said Jay Emmet, General Manager at OpenMarket. “We’ve added US long codes to meet this need so that our enterprise customers can get all of their mobile messaging solutions from a single, global supplier.”

Meanwhile, Mozu is integrating with online leaders BazaarVoice, Bronto and Kount; the integrations should give Mozu users a more holistic approach to online campaigns. Through the BazaarVoice integration, for example, users will have access to ROI analytics within their Mozu storefront as well as display rankings/ratings anywhere on-site.

“Consumer reviews create an enhanced online customer experience that helps drive sales, so it’s important that ecommerce platforms make it simple to implement reviews platforms within the shopping environment.,” said Jordan Yeats, Director of Business & Corporate Development at Bazaarvoice. “Mozu’s API makes it nearly effortless to connect Bazaarvoice ratings and reviews to a client’s Mozu store. Unlike most plug-in solutions that often require additional development work, the Mozu API makes it easy for ecommerce managers to input a few configuration settings, drag and drop the display, and go live with a fully functioning solution.”

The Bronto integration will create automated processes for email campaign management and the Kount integration will help to automate fraud detection.