Ecomm Roundup: Customer Data and Engagement Tools

Press release – October 6, 2014

By Kristina Knight, BizReport

As more brands pushing the online space, more solutions are launching to address the problems of engagement and mobile data. This week two such solutions launch.

First, AgilOne is expanding its cloud services; their predictive cloud gives retailers access to big data. The expansion includes the ability for brands to buy predictions for prospective as well as existing customers.

“Our predictive marketing cloud was built to help brands easily take advantage of the vast, often messy piles of customer data stored in silos across the organization to create personalized interactions with buyers,” said AgilOne CEO Dr. Omer Artun. “The upgrades and new features we released make it even easier for companies of any size to adopt advanced marketing techniques, such as hypertargeting, to identify new customer segments and quickly boost revenue – all without the need to install or replace core infrastructure.”

Meanwhile OpenMarket has launched a suite of mobile messaging tools focused on customer engagement. It’s called the Mobile Engagement Platform and offers tools like Customer Alerts and Engagement as well as IT/Technical Support. Through the platform mobile brands can push time-sensitive messaging to customers like appointment or bill reminders; they can also collect customer data through surveys to ensure the most relevant details are reaching the right consumers.

“Customer service is a key differentiator for major enterprises,” said Jay Emmet, General Manager at OpenMarket. “Consumers want to communicate with customer service on their preferred channel, which is mobile, and get quick resolution of their issues. They do not want to wait on hold after navigating an IVR system. Enterprises decision-makers should be leveraging the mobile channel as much as possible to accomplish this goal. By implementing two-way SMS communication through OpenMarket’s Mobile Engagement Platform, enterprises can provide a better customer experience that closely aligns with the increasing consumer demand for mobile messaging interactions.”