eRetailer Alert Issued: Engage in Text-Message Communications with Consumers or Risk Irrelevancy in 2017

Press release – November 17, 2016

By Bulldog Reporter

Following OpenMarket’s recent Retail Mobile Messaging Report conducted by Internet Retailer, which polled 100 e-commerce retailers to analyze their use of text-messaging, or SMS, as a customer engagement tool, OpenMarket has released a new infographic to reflect and showcase the report’s key findings. A primary takeaway from the report found that 71 percent of retailers are not currently addressing their customers’ communication preferences and expectations.

With 64 percent of consumers showing preference for texting over voice as a customer service channel, and 77 percent of consumers reflecting a positive perception of companies that utilize SMS to interact with their consumers, the report revealed retailers are missing a massive customer engagement opportunity.

Bottom line: Companies that incorporate SMS into their business-to-communication strategy can capitalize on the benefits this customer engagement tool has to offer and achieve business goals across several functions of e-commerce.