Firms Increasingly Use Text Messaging for Employee Notifications

Press release – November 19, 2015

By Fred Donovan, FierceMobileIT

Companies are increasingly using text messaging for employee notifications, such as IT system outage alerts and emergency bulletins, explained Steve French, vice president of global product management and marketing with OpenMarket, a division of telecom software and services provider Amdocs.

“More and more, employees are comfortable using messaging in their daily life….The most common use cases on the employee-side are emergency notifications to help with the safety and welfare of employees and business continuity,” French explained.

In addition, messaging can be used for two-factor authentication to ensure the person trying to access the network is a legitimate user. “If someone wants to log into a system, it requires them to enter their phone number and get a PIN code [sent to their phone] that they enter into the site in order to get access to the system,” French said.

Also, mobile messaging will become an important resource for enterprise call centers seeking deeper data insights of their customers, predicted French.

OpenMarket recently teamed with Portio Research on a study of enterprise messaging that offers strategies for enterprises to harness the power of messaging.

“With more people texting than watching TV, reading newspapers or buying magazines, enterprises have an opportunity to seize this trend to engage with customers and employees,” said Karl Whitfield, managing director of Portio Research.

“Before they embark on this task, however, they must address the inherent integration and fragmentation challenges traditionally caused by the multiple ways in which organizations exchange messages with customers,” Whitfield added.

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