IDC Study Reveals How Global Businesses Are Conquering Mobile Messaging

Press release – June 10, 2015

By Steve French, Global VP of Product Management and Marketing, OpenMarket for Mobile Enterprise Magazine

Despite varying maturity levels, recent findings from International Data Corporation (IDC) revealed that global enterprises haven’t figured out how to properly integrate mobile messaging cohesively across their companies to support different business functions and uses.

How is Mobile Messaging Being Used Unanimously Across The Globe?
Currently, 62% of businesses have more than one messaging platform deployed across their organization, while nearly 80% have more than one of the same use cases active across various teams. What does this mean? These businesses aren’t creating a company-wide strategy around mobile messaging. Instead, they are spending too many resources on different technologies that might only help one department.

These mobile messaging habits were mirrored throughout various regions of the world – U.S., U.K., Continental Europe, and Asia. Global businesses within these areas all identified similar use cases as their main priority for future messaging investments, specifically those that improve the customer experience, enhance employee communication, and optimize the workforce.

Major Regional Differences
Despite similar business priorities, IDC’s findings revealed key traits of each region and some differences in how mobile messaging is being used by global organizations.

United States

  • The most mature region for mobile messaging
  • 50% are in pilot or production, or using mobile messaging for customer promotions and offers
  • One of the most advanced in using mobile for customer service, as 49% of companies are using mobile messaging for customer alerts, reminders, and notifications
  • The least likely to use messaging for employee engagement, including employee surveys, timesheet reminders, and authenticated sign-in

United Kingdom

  • Significantly ahead in customer-focused categories, with consistently higher maturity in use cases for promotions, alerts, and surveys
  • The highest expectations for mobile messaging when it comes to driving brand awareness, as 59% percent believe that mobile messaging has a considerable or major impact on raising brand awareness
  • The common language spoken in this country and native conditioning to nontraditional commerce channels has created an advantage for brands using mobile messaging

Continental Europe (excluding the U.K.)

  • Using mobile messaging to enhance multi-channel delivery is an important priority for this region
  • More advanced than the U.K. in several employee-related services
  • Strong in their implementation of company announcements and mobile workforce management use cases


  • An impressive 100% of organizations are in pilot or production of mobile messaging services
  • Employee-related messaging is the most popular, as mobile workforce management accounts for 69% of all mobile messaging use cases
  • 29% utilize messaging for timesheet reminders

What Does It all Mean?
Spanning different time zones, languages, cultures, and more, mobile messaging is a ubiquitous communication channel with worldwide reach. Nearly all customers and employees of global businesses have a messaging-capable device, and enterprises must continue to work towards capitalizing on this proven and familiar technology to engage with them more effectively.

Despite mobile messaging maturity levels, global organizations are working to master how to best use it and, depending on the region, understand where it can be utilized to achieve various business goals. One thing that holds true across all regions, however, is the need for a single platform from a trusted partner that can support use cases across the organization. This IDC survey revealed that enterprises value mobile messaging immensely and that in each region of the world, it is effective for both employee and customer engagement-related tasks. Nevertheless, many businesses are still looking for some direction on how to best utilize mobile messaging successfully on a company-wide level.