Infographic: How to Make Millennials Get the Message

Press release – October 27, 2016

By PwC Digital Pulse

If the medium is indeed the message, then text messaging is a medium of choice for 18 to 34-year-olds. That’s the key takeaway of a recent study from OpenMarket, which surveyed 500 millennials on their communication habits to assess how businesses can better reach and resonate with this key demographic.

Gauging the everyday messaging habits of Generation Y, the study illustrates the high level of engagement commanded by text messaging. Crucially, while millennials continue to message to their hearts’ content, they receive few bulletins from businesses. Which means there may be many opportunities to strengthen relationships and improve experiences through thoughtful mobile messaging.

Other insights include:

  • A fifth of respondents had never received a text from a business.
  • Preferred business messaging includes delivery notifications, appointment confirmations and payment reminders.
  • A majority 80% of millennials would rather text message a company than call its customer service helpline.

See the full infographic here.