Millennials: If You’re Not Texting ‘em, You’re Losing Out

By Adotas

OpenMarket is a company focused on helping businesses successfully incorporate mobile communications technology into their marketing plan. They conducted a recent survey and discovered that 83 percent of millennials open text messages within 90 seconds of receiving them. However, almost 20 percent don’t receive any form of text services from the companies they interact with, and those that do are seeing less than 5 a week—signifying a huge missed opportunity.

The infographic below lays out the findings of the survey, including:

* 60 percent of millennials prefer two-way text engagement with companies because it’s convenient, fast, and easy to use…and

* 80 percent would prefer to text a company’s 1-800 number versus waiting on hold

OpenMarket Millennials Text with Businesses Infographic