What’s in Store for the Mobile Ecosystem in 2017?

Press release – January 5, 2017

By Oisin Lunny, Senior Market Development Manager, OpenMarket for MEF

Text is the preferred channel of interaction between millennials and brands, so AI driven service bots are a natural extension of this ubiquitous global customer experience. After much initial buzz in 2016, bots will have many mainstream applications in 2017 across areas such as finance, tourism and customer care.

While consumers will continue to adopt service bots such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, the elephant in the connected room remains security. Effective biometric identity solutions could become a critical success factor.

Technical innovations will need to have a meaningful impact on people’s lives in order to succeed, for example new mobile-centric solutions for personal healthcare will flourish.

SMS will remain the most effective “hotline” to reach six billion people globally. E2P (enterprise to person) traffic will continue to grow as more global brands look at ways to improve the mobile user experience, without relying on email or standalone apps.