Mobile Industry on the Move

Press release – November 27, 2013

By Mobile Enterprise

OpenMarket is now supporting Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) in its Mobile Engagement Platform. Mobile Enterprise spoke with Steven French, VP of Product Marketing, regarding the new offering.

With security a top concern for enterprises going into 2014, OpenMarket decided to get ahead of the game. The 2FA will provide secure access and identity protection for its customers across ten countries, with plans for further global expansion.

The biggest take away from the conversation, though, is that 2FA is really one piece of a larger puzzle: the mobile platform solves many use cases, from engaging with customers to effectively communicating with employees, whether that is branded public campaigns or emergency alerts.

Taking a holistic approach, the platform is currently used by Fortune 2000 clients to manage a variety of cases across different business units. A global retailer, for example, can use the platform for shipping notifications, internal ticketing systems, M2M, retail store appointment scheduling, as well as internal company announcements.