Navigating a Rapidly Changing Mobile Landscape

Press release – June 17, 2014

By Chloe Green, Information Age

Mobile engagement company OpenMarket today published a new whitepaper titled ‘How CIOs Can Guide the Enterprise to Mobile Success’ showcasing how rapidly evolving megatrends such as cloud, BYOD and mobile are affecting business and CIO decision-making and redefining the role of IT leaders and security organisations.

The paper reveals how mobile messaging, particularly SMS, is used by Global 2000 CIOs as an efficient and effective mobile strategy to achieve successful business outcomes.

Today, 90% of consumers are mobile enabled, with over three billion mobile users and six billion mobile devices worldwide – making mobile the most effective channel for businesses to engage with customers and employees. As a result, enterprises must rethink their internal operations and the impact of mobile engagement on IT and security.

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The OpenMarket white paper examines the front-line responsibilities of IT and security organisations, including technical challenges of integration complexity and data security. The resource provides best practices for avoiding costly mistakes and pitfalls, and showcases how three different OpenMarket customers successfully implemented mobile messaging solutions to achieve greater business agility, competitive differentiation, and increased engagement and collaboration.

A critical success factor for IT and security organisations is effective communications that enable quick decision-making and operational efficiency regardless of location or time of day. The mobile channel offers compelling, new communication and operational solutions for IT and security groups. By utilising the capabilities of OpenMarket’s Mobile Engagement Platform, CIOs and other IT decision-makers can leverage SaaS-based technology for maximum scalability and flexibility to support a variety of IT and security use cases within their organisations.