Improving Workforce Management

Press release – June 27, 2013

Learn how enterprises can use mobile technology to increase employee productivity and gain a competitive advantage

By Steve French, Global VP of Product Management & Marketing, OpenMarket for Mobile Enterprise

Cloud-based apps and mobile messaging are two technology trends that enterprises know they must adopt to stay competitive. For many companies, workforce management is proving to be a valuable starting point. When properly implemented, these technologies enable productivity tools like mobile reminders and personalized company communications, driving employee efficiency, satisfaction and operational savings.

Streamlining Mobile Messaging Channels
A Forrester survey of IT decision makers notes that mobile expansion remains a high-to-critical priority for over 60% of major enterprises. To this end, companies are using multi-channel communications—SMS, MMS, push notifications, email and voice—to better connect with their employees. The concept is known as mobile engagement. Instead of trying to build these services in house, businesses are leveraging cloud-based mobile engagement platforms for faster time to market, low startup cost, rapid innovation, technical expertise and scaling on demand.

Improving Productivity
The growing number of remote workers, the increasing cost of corporate benefits and the desire to keep IT costs down are driving companies to rethink their workforce management processes. For example, the collection and tracking of work hours and paid time off are required, but administrative burdens.

A mobile engagement platform mobilizes these processes by integrating with existing systems of record and enabling employees to submit and check their workforce related data from their mobile devices. The benefits?  Less employee confusion, fewer calls to HR and IT, simpler tools, more satisfied employees and more up-to-date employee information.

A multi-channel mobile communications approach helps enterprises create timely, personalized, and ongoing communications with employees across departments and geographies. Studies show that mobile messaging within the corporation can improve employee engagement and produce positive benefits to the bottom line.

According to Hewitt Associates, enterprises with engaged employees — those who are involved in and enthusiastic about their work — are 78% more productive and 40% more profitable than those with low levels of employee engagement. Successful employee engagement can lead to increased loyalty, higher morale, better retention, and improved recruiting.

By using a cloud-based mobile engagement platform, companies can effectively deploy employee surveys, send congratulatory messages for milestones, and notify employees about special events or even emergency situations. In addition, by integrating mobile engagement solutions with existing business systems, companies can use a variety of triggers for a specific type of communication, such as using dates to initiate birthday or work anniversary greetings, or benefits enrollment reminders.

Gaining Competitive Advantage
Mobile provides enterprises in every industry with the opportunity to gain a competitive advantage. With mobile messaging, companies can transform traditionally structured, infrequent and sometimes stiff corporate communications into flexible, personalized messages to which employees will relate and respond.

Employees appreciate the greater convenience and the personalized information, and companies benefit from more efficient IT and HR processes, as well as a more productive workforce and healthier bottom line.