OpenMarket Deploys Suite of SMS Solutions for IT

Press release – December 17, 2015

By Nathan Eddy, eWeek

The platform supports features including personalization, scheduling, logic and decision-making, list management, user segmentation, and reporting.

OpenMarket announced a suite of solutions to support the mobile messaging needs across IT, telecommunications, and the consumer electronics industries. OpenMarket’s Enterprise-to-Person (E2P) SMS SaaS-based products are aimed at providing businesses with a suite of mobile messaging solutions that support a variety of use cases. Enterprises can access the platform through a Web-based graphical user interface (GUI) or directly through service application programming interfaces (APIs). The platform supports features including personalization, scheduling, logic and decision-making, list management, user segmentation, and reporting.

“There are many siloed, single purpose mobile messaging solutions in the marketplace today, such as marketing automation platforms and emergency notifications solutions,” Tim Fujita-Yuhas, director of product management and new product strategy at OpenMarket, told eWEEK. “Our mobile engagement solution supports different business needs across the entire organization, including sales and marketing, customer service, human resources, IT and operations. This means that companies can start with one mobile use case and easily add others for a different department.”

The platform could provide businesses with mobile messaging-based call centers, offering text-enabled toll-free numbers for two-way SMS, which can help eliminate long wait times for customers.

“We see that many types of industries are greatly benefiting from mobile engagement solutions, including financial services, retail, business process outsourcing, and logistics to name a few,” Fujita-Yuhas said.

The platform could also help businesses deliver mobile coupons through SMS and MMS, as well as post-transaction customer surveys and personalized customer alerts for an enhanced customer.

Another use case is with mobile workforce management and notifications, including payroll reminders, employee surveys, simplified time tracking, employee emergency alerts, recruiting appointment reminders, and two-way messaging for employees.

On the security and IT management fronts, the platform could be used for time-sensitive escalation alerts for business continuity management, SMS-based two-factor authentication, IT ticket closure notifications, and IT help desk acknowledgements.

“Enterprise businesses are looking for mobile engagement specialists who have demonstrated performance and reliability, and bring innovation through service flexibility into the marketplace,” Fujita-Yuhas said. “They are also seeking the widest and best possible reach, as well as connections to all carriers globally.”

He explained companies want to know the best practices for using the different types of message originators like short codes, long codes, and text-enabled U.S. toll-free numbers so that they can achieve the business outcome for any department’s specific use case that they may have.

“Lastly, we see customers wanting us to simplify the process of doing mobile messaging globally, which is what our mobile engagement platform provides,” he said.