Amdocs’ OpenMarket Expands Partner Program

Press release – June 23, 2016

By James Anderson, Channel Partners

Mobile-messaging provider OpenMarket has added two solution providers to its global partner program.

OpenMarket's Tony Deruvo

OpenMarket’s Tony DeRuvo


The company announced Wednesday that CodeBroker and Vehicle have joined the program and will integrate their technologies with OpenMarket’s mobile engagement platform. The new companies join a select list of four “best-of-breed” partners that OpenMarket will use as it offers clients a variety of mobile-messaging services.

“We’re trying to build better business and add value to our enterprise customers,” Tony DeRuvo, senior product manager at OpenMarket, told Channel Partners.

DeRuvo said both new partners add unique value. CodeBroker specializes in mobile couponing, which OpenMarket says has been proven to increase traffic for retailers. Vehicle uses multimedia messaging (MMS) to create one-on-one interactions with customers. Their solutions add to what OpenMarket is already capable of providing

“As a result, when we visit our enterprise customers – as we’re giving them these use cases like a shipping alert – now we can add some really cool, cutting-edge services on top of that [which] use SMS,” DeRuvo said.

DeRuvo said OpenMarket is expanding the number of functions it can offer to end users. The partners get access to a stable of more than 400 customers.

“Partnering with OpenMarket has enabled our unique rich media-messaging platform and personalization technology to reach a vast mobile audience,” Vehicle Co-founder Matt Ramerman said.

OpenMarket launched the partner program in February and initially featured two solution providers: In the Chat, a text messaging customer-service program, and Interactions, the virtual-assistant provider.

“The launch of our Global Partner Program earlier this year focused on customer-service solutions, and we are now excited to be working with new partners aimed at sales and marketing engagement,” said Jay Emmet, OpenMarket’s general manager.

DeRuvo said OpenMarket is continuing its goal of finding new partners to expand the number of use cases it can offer, but on a selective basis.

“We’re not a partner program that’s going to grow in leaps and bounds,” he said. “We’re not an app store where everybody can integrate. We’re more of a best-of-breed ecosystem.”

OpenMarket is a division of Amdocs.