OpenMarket Launches Global SMS API, Simplifies Enterprises’ SMS Messaging Programs

Press release – February 3, 2016

New API Enables Businesses to Easily Build Intelligent SMS Messaging Programs via Short Codes, Text-enabled Toll-free and Local Numbers, and Alphanumeric Codes

OpenMarket, a leader in enterprise mobile engagement, today announced the launch of its global SMS API, which enables enterprises to streamline and expand their global SMS messaging programs. With this launch, enterprises can now create and easily manage multiple message originators, including short codes, text-enabled toll-free and local numbers, and alphanumeric codes via one trusted API. Bundled into this new API are powerful features that help reduce the technical complexity of sending SMS messages, increase the successful delivery of messages worldwide, and ultimately improve consumers’ SMS experiences.

According to Portio Research, Application-to-Person (A2P) SMS connects over six billion people worldwide, more than any other communications channel ever in human history[1]. Although SMS has become a key channel for enterprises to communicate with targeted customers, managing multiple originators for global messaging or increasing successful delivery has been a complicated task. Supporting multiple character sets, managing message length, and tracking message delivery have also created additional hurdles for enterprises looking to improve their customers’ experiences. The new API addresses all of these challenges and leverages OpenMarket’s highly scalable, active-active, geo-redundant mobile messaging platform.

“The goal of OpenMarket’s new global SMS API is to allow our enterprise customers to focus on the content of their messages and the resulting customer experience, rather than the technical mechanics and logistics of actually sending them,” said Jay Emmet, General Manager for OpenMarket. “With OpenMarket handling all of the ‘under the hood’ complexities of SMS, our enterprise customers will benefit from simplification and greater delivery success, reducing the need for internal resources to manage these processes and allowing their efforts to remain solely on maximizing engagement.”

Automatic Originator Selection and Character Encoding are two key features of the new global SMS API. With Automatic Originator Selection, OpenMarket will automatically select the correct messaging originator per the destination address. With Simplified Character Encoding, OpenMarket will optimize and deliver the message in the preferred format based on global operators and languages.

Additional capabilities of OpenMarket’s global SMS API include:

  • RESTful API with support for XML & JSON.
  • Enhanced Delivery Reports – OpenMarket’s delivery reports now include carrier ID values, which can be cached for future use, helping to improve delivery success and reduce cost.
  • Enhanced Number Look-up – Number look-up now returns operator, country codes and ISO code, fixed or wireless line determination, and operator features like supported message length, giving enterprises valuable and actionable information about their customers’ phone numbers.

OpenMarket and its cloud-based mobile messaging solutions support over 400 enterprises globally, including four of the top 10 most respected global brands[2]. By using OpenMarket’s mobile messaging platform, enterprises are able to mobilize operational processes, optimize internal and external communications, improve customer experiences, drive brand awareness, and generate new revenue.

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[1] Portio Research White Paper, Sponsored by OpenMarket, “SMS: The Language of 6 Billion People,” June 2015.

[2] “The Harris Poll 2014 RQ Report: A Survey of the U.S. General Public Using the Reputation Quotient,” Nielsen, April 2014.