OpenMarket launches indigo platform to help companies transform CX strategies

Press release – June 24, 2020

By Mobile Industry Eye

Mobile messaging company, OpenMarket, has launched indigo, a new type of mobile engagement platform that has been designed for users, with little or no mobile messaging expertise, to set up automated and optimised campaigns across SMS, RCS and MMS.

The company says that the cloud-based platform will help millions of companies re-establish themselves as they emerge from COVID-19 lockdown – especially SMEs, where two in five say they are not prepared to adapt to the disruption caused by the pandemic.

indigo features include templated campaigns (created by domain experts), in-built best-practice insights, artificial intelligence, advanced spam and smishing filters and direct access to a global, multi-channel messaging network. It also helps brands to understand customer behaviour and campaign performance by enabling real-time querying, data visualisations and in-depth reports. Taken together, this will enable brands to focus on their CX by helping them deliver personalised and relevant messages, contextually.

indigo will also enable brands to send messages that show their company name and logo instead of a phone number, helping to build consuer trust. SMS automatically displays as a branded message whenever a capable device is detected.

According to our Empathy in the Age of AI research, which surveyed more than 4,000 consumers and 600 customer-focused leaders, an overwhelming majority of CX leaders are calling for communication platforms that are easy to use, easy to integrate and provide customer insights to improve their CX journeys. indigo has been designed specifically to address these needs. With the launch of indigo we are taking huge strides in our journey to remove friction and create flow for our customers and our customers’ customers.

– Jonathan Morgan, CEO, OpenMarket