OpenMarket Launches Mobile Messaging Platform Geared to High-Tech Firms

Press release – December 11, 2015

By Fred Donovan, FierceMobileIT

Most high-tech firms are looking to messaging to help them leverage mobility. To address their needs, OpenMarket launched on Thursday a suite of mobile messaging products designed for high-tech companies.

OpenMarket said its Mobile Engagement Platform optimizes customer experience and engagement practices and creates opportunities for high-tech firms to improve internal communication and employee-facing activities.

“The incredible rate of mobile technology adoption gives businesses the opportunity to strategically implement mobile messaging solutions across their entire organizations,” said Jay Emmet, general manager for OpenMarket.

“Given their heavy emphasis on innovation, businesses in the high tech industry are the best prepared segment to use cost-effective mobile messaging capabilities that improve both customer and employee facing communication and operations,” Emmet added.

The OpenMarket platform enables mobile messaging-based call centers; sales and marketing offers, such as mobile coupons and customer surveys and alerts; employee alerts for security, IT help desk status, or network outages; and mobile workforce management and notifications, such as payroll reminders and time tracking.

According to Gartner, some of OpenMarket’s competitors in the enterprise mobile messing space include APPrise Mobile, Atlassian, Biba Systems, Convo, Cotap, Global Relay, Red e App, Slack, Talko and Vaporstream.