OpenMarket Launches New White Paper on Mobile Engagement Maturity Models for Enterprise Communications

Press release – September 6, 2016

We’re proud to announce the launch of a new white paper on Mobile Engagement Maturity Models, in order to provide enterprises with guidance as they implement mobile messaging campaigns to enhance customer engagement.

The power of mobile as tool for communication is well-established bringing together multiple channels – voice, messaging, social, web and apps – into one package where they can flourish in tandem. Of these channels, text-messaging (SMS) in enterprise-to-peer (E2P) applications is particularly effective for enterprises looking to connect and engage with their customers.

OpenMarket’s Mobile Engagement Maturity Model (MEMM) has been developed to enable enterprises to benchmark the maturity of their mobile messaging campaigns against a set of pre-defined use cases.

The MEMM outlines three levels of mobile engagement maturity and provides guidance on initiatives that can be incorporated as part of each stage:

  • INFORM – the first stage is based around enterprises using mobile messaging for alerts or notifications, typically one-way in nature. Mobile in this instance serves as a channel for the delivery of timely information. Examples include: emergency alerts, promotional offers and two-factor authentication (2FA).
  • ENGAGE the next stage is enterprises using mobile for sharing specific information with customers while encouraging a response. Once a response is received, the enterprise would take action on this information to appropriately service that customer. The use of mobile in this stage generates cost savings by reducing inbound calls to contact centres and improving logistical efficiencies. Examples include: rescheduling a delivery and post-service feedback.
  • EXCITE – in the final stage of maturity, enterprises use some degree of intelligence to understand messages from customers and provide the appropriate response. In this stage, calls to the contact centre are reduced significantly and requests from customers can also be pre-empted to improve the customer experience. Example application: a bank sets up an SMS helpline for lost credit cards to allow customers to cancel their card and order a new one, quickly and conveniently.

“Virtually every business agrees that the mobile channel is powerful, but most companies aren’t fully aware of the value it provides,” said Jay Emmet, General Manager, OpenMarket. “Mobile is set to dominate E2P communication and the Mobile Engagement Maturity Model has been developed to help businesses understand the opportunities available and how to maximize them. Knowing what is required for each messaging use case as well as the capabilities to look for in technology vendor partners, will be vital to providing the best possible customer experience.”

For access to the white paper, please contact us.