OpenMarket Releases Global SMS Dashboards, Reporting Service

Press release – August 23, 2016

By Nathan Eddy, eWeek

The enterprise mobile management provider’s platform allows custom reports to be generated and delivered based on the user’s schedule and delivery preferences.

Enterprise mobile management specialist OpenMarket launched its Global SMS Dashboards and Reporting service, a web-based service that helps businesses monitor and maintain business outcomes. Standard reports are generated and delivered by OpenMarket. Users can view the reports online or have them delivered in CSV, XML or JSON format to an email, HTTPS, SFTP or FTPS destination. The platform also allows custom reports designed by the user containing only the data needed, and generated and delivered according to the user’s schedule and delivery preferences. In addition, the platform offers data visualization widgets with chart styles including bar, line column, scatter and geo-maps, and features such as drill-down and data aging.

Other features include administrative access controls for managing user access to data sources, and shared reports and dashboards and multidevice support for PCs, laptops and tablets.

As decision-making increasingly becomes data-driven, decision makers are looking to measure and track business outcomes of key programs, with each decision informed by data. With this shift, enterprises want the ability to access, visualize and adjust their business programs quickly and simply, including their SMS messaging campaigns—especially if programs are global. To make it easier to get started with Dashboards and Reporting, OpenMarket provides a set of standard starter reports, which provide the user with message volumes, success and failure rates, as well as the response codes associated with the messages. Users also can make a copy of a standard report and customize it, or can create a custom report from scratch, with data fields and filters used in each custom report up to the user. Businesses also can control when reports are run, where they are delivered and in what format. What’s more, they can have the application notify users when the reports are ready. With visualization widgets, users can configure the data series and the X/Y axis values, and apply additional properties to customize the widgets to the user’s needs. Because Dashboards and Reporting is a responsive web application, users can view the reports and dashboards on a tablet, PC or laptop, and, with the platform’s permissions capability, users can share their custom reports and dashboards with the entire organization or with specific staff.