OpenMarket Signs on as Gold Sponsor of AIME Event September 15 in London

Press release – June 14, 2011


Dealing with IT disasters, business continuity and any number of other daily panics around enterprise IT requires a good messaging solution. Since the advent of mobile email and the proliferation of devices, it has become all too easy to rely on automated emails from critical systems to key staff.

The problem with using email is that IT staff are bombarded with emails every day so it is very easy for an email to be ignored or just not noticed until it is too late. This is why OpenMarket has updated its Mobile Engagement Platform (MEP) which uses SMS to help IT and security teams to get quick access to any problems.

What OpenMarket has announced is support for:

  • Business Continuity: One-way or two-way messaging for network and system outage alerts, and emergency notifications
  • IT & Support Management: Escalation alerts; IT ticket closure notifications; IT help desk, staff appointments reminders and confirmations; and IT surveys
  • Security: Authentication and Fraud Protection: Compliance management, two-factor authentication (2FA), password change reminders, password reset, and fraud alerting

While SMS might seem to many to be an old technology that is disappearing, it has the benefit of working on any mobile phone, no matter its age and of not requiring Internet or WiFi access. Unfortunately, it is also a non prioritised service which means that operators will use best attempt to send messages but there is no guarantee of delivery. At peak network times, such as a New Years Eve, some messages can be held so long that they only get delivered days or even weeks later. This is not something that is good for an emergency system.

Despite this, market research and industry analyst firm Forrester, discovered that over 90% of SMS are read within three minutes of receipt and 86% of companies intend to make more use of SMS in 2014.

Examples of the uses that OpenMarket customers are making of their MEP platform are:

  • A global retailer uses OpenMarket’s two-factor authentication covering more than 150 countries, in addition to several other applications supporting operations and customer service.
  • A global consulting company uses OpenMarket’s MEP to power its emergency notifications system for over 250,000 employees worldwide.
  • A leader of telecommunication billing systems relies on OpenMarket’s MEP to alert staff about network outages plus additional applications to support human resources and corporate communications.
  • A major European media and entertainment company uses OpenMarket for incident management and system alerts along with more than 20 other applications across their organisation.

OpenMarket’s MEP solution is delivered as a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution which means that companies do not have to negotiate rates with their business telecoms operator. The solution allows OpenMarket to negotiate bulk SMS deals and provide customisation of the messages for each customer and business use.

Businesses can link their existing systems to OpenMarket’s MEP using the service APIs that OpenMarket provides. This means that the whole system can be automated to generate the fastest possible response. This is essential if using it for two-factor authentication to ensure that there is no opportunity for a hacker to pretend to be part of the security solution.