Educating and Empowering the Workforce of the Future

Press release – March 18, 2013

By Anna Papachristos, 1to1 Media

By investing in the career development of each employee, companies cultivate success, planting the seeds that allow their workforce to grow alongside the organization.

If customers are the sunlight companies need to prosper and succeed, employees are the roots that keep these businesses grounded as they continue to grow. Employees are the reason companies can connect with customers, for they supply the services that set the stage for success. Yet, while employees have the power to nurture the customer experience and the organization’s goals, the threat of disengagement constantly looms like a dark cloud.

“When something isn’t working very well, eventually we all decide to ‘give up’ because the effort isn’t worth the return,” says Chris Townsend, senior marketing director at Imaginatik. “And thus, many people disengage from their work, putting in the minimum effort necessary to avoid trouble, but little more.”

For many employees, dissatisfaction overpowers their desire to perform their jobs at optimal capacity. Their motivation fades as they lose sight of their place within the company and how their actions contribute to the organization’s overall mission. Humans have an innate desire to be part of something larger than them, but many companies fail to provide the guidance these employees need to improve their skills and provide superior customer service. But, since customer loyalty and employee satisfaction traditionally go hand-in-hand, companies that fail to serve their employees also fail their customers by default.