OpenMarket White Paper Highlights Key Mobile Security Challenges Alleviated with SMS and Two-Factor Authentication

Press release – March 4, 2014

Report Showcases How SMS-based Two-Factor Authentication Empowers Enterprises to Deliver Security and Convenience While Protecting User Privacy


OpenMarket (, a leading enterprise mobile engagement company, today published a new whitepaper titled, “Using SMS for Two-Factor Authentication.” The report showcases how enterprises are leveraging SMS-based Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) capabilities as a low-cost yet highly effective authentication solution, despite today’s increasingly complex risk and security environment.The paper exposes the pitfalls of single-factor authentication, as well as the benefits of SMS-based 2FA and how to select a 2FA platform provider. Topics include:

  • Complexity is the worst enemy of security. Having “always-on” access is a valuable convenience for users, but for enterprises it creates more security risks and opportunities for data breaches.
  • The problem with passwords. With the average online user managing over 25 accounts, consumers frequently reuse passwords across multiple sites and often choose simple passwords to remember. This makes it easy for hackers to steal identities, access accounts and breach personal data.
  • The benefits of 2FA. By requiring a second authentication factor, 2FA helps impose tighter security, increases employee productivity, and delivers higher customer confidence and lower IT costs.
  • Considerations for implementing a 2FA solution. Many IT departments are already constrained, so it makes sense to focus in-house resources on the core business and leverage partners for 2FA solutions.
  • SMS as a highly effective and simple 2FA deployment. SMS is ubiquitous and reaches nearly every phone. Unlike biometric authentication solutions, SMS does not require special software or device capabilities. SMS-based 2FA generates a one-time PIN for each authentication.
  • Criteria for selecting an SMS-based 2FA platform and provider. CIOs leveraging third-party providers need established partners who can provide domain expertise, service flexibility, demonstrated performance and network reliability, global reach, 24×7 customer support, and financial stability. Additionally, by choosing a proven mobile engagement platform, enterprises can deploy an SMS-based 2FA solution while also supporting additional use cases across the entire organization.

By utilizing the 2FA capabilities in OpenMarket’s Mobile Engagement Platform, CIOs and other IT decision-makers can leverage out-of-band authentication via mobile devices to provide secure access, consumer identity protection and fraud prevention. OpenMarket’s 2FA service creates a unique personal identification number (PIN), which is sent to the user via SMS. The user then enters the PIN on a website for validation before gaining access. This service is also ideal for resetting lost passwords. These capabilities help enterprise CIOs follow the lead of industry giants like Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and Twitter, which have already implemented SMS-based 2FA to protect user information.

For more information about SMS-based 2FA, download the white paper:

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