OpenMarket’s Best Practice Guide for Logistics and Supply Chain Companies Reveals How Mobile Engagement Streamlines Operations

Press release – August 7, 2014

Report highlights how Third Party Logistics Providers (3PLs) are leveraging mobile to increase operational efficiencies, deliver a differentiated experience and generate value company-wide

OpenMarket, a leading mobile engagement company, today released a new mobile engagement best practice guide for third party logistics providers (3PLs). The guide reveals that while many logistics suppliers have implemented a mobile strategy, many are yet to make the most of what mobile technology offers across the entire organization. The guide also exposes missed opportunities within business silos to harness mobile messaging and increase efficiencies, deliver a differentiated experience and generate value company-wide. Topics include:

  • The benefits of mobile engagement. 3PLs are now looking beyond software to provide solutions for greater visibility into the supply chain, better analytics, more precise data and increased flexibility – all of which mobile is poised to deliver.
  • How to meet your business objectives. SMS is a proven communications channel for creating efficient two-way, end-user communication and brand reinforcement.
  • The challenge with siloed solutions. Companies with a distinct siloed structure often fail to act on fast-moving opportunities or respond swiftly to change or crises. Mobile messaging provides a simple and often welcomed form of communication to internal or external audiences.
  • Optimising the consumer experience. Using mobile technology to engage along various points in the consumer journey can dramatically improve satisfaction levels, drive down operational costs for the 3PL and enable actionable insight into end-user habits.
  • Engage with your workforce.SMS enables organisations to listen to staff and provides them with the power to respond to issues immediately. This can vastly improve productivity, staff retention and facilitate positive change, and lower costs.
  • Deliver a seamless service. SMS provides a simple and direct solution to navigating the communication between owners of each technology system in the company. Since SMS bypasses operational systems, it will remain an intact and working mechanism even when the rest of your systems are down.
  • Measuring success. 3PLs should analyse campaign and key business performance indicators (KPIs) such as a decrease in operational costs, high program response rates or improved employee productivity, to make the most out of their mobile strategy.

OpenMarket‘s flagship Mobile Engagement Platformis a SaaS-based solution, allowing logistics companies to easily create and deploy smart, interactive mobile engagement services globally with connectivity to over 200 countries. The platform leverages mobile messaging capabilities, including two-way global SMS, MMS and push notifications, to streamline supply chain operations and improve consumer satisfaction.

Download a copy of “Third Party Logistics: A Best Practice Guide to Mobile Engagement” here:

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