OpenMarket’s Mobile Messaging Solutions Deliver a Customer Service Boost

Press release – October 13, 2014

By Mini Swamy, TMCnet

A recent study revealed the number of active devices worldwide now equates to nearly 93 percent of the world’s population. Another ICMI mobile customer service strategy survey revealed that a majority of experts believe mobile contributes to improving the overall customer experience. Now, a new enterprise mobile messaging solution by OpenMarket (NewsAlert) is being introduced in line with this market trend.

OpenMarket’s mobile engagement platform, which powers new customer service solutions, also enables two-way mobile messaging. The direct and immediate interaction along the customer journey is expected to boost customer engagement and improve response times. More importantly, it closely aligns with the increasing consumer demand for mobile messaging interaction.

The company’s SaaS-based solution allows enterprises across the world to deploy smart, interactive mobile engagement services. Taking interaction a step further, the platform integrates with an enterprise’s CRM system creating automated, personal and real-time mobile interactions with customers. Even complex interactions are easy to manage – which means less work and a more consistent and positive result.

“Consumers want to communicate with customer service on their preferred channel, which is mobile, and get quick resolution of their issues. They do not want to wait on hold after navigating an IVR system,” noted Jay Emmet, general manager at OpenMarket.

The more information enterprises get about customers, the better customer engagement. The platform allows information to be collected and stored. Using this, personal, relevant and timely experiences can be delivered. Also, getting customer feedback and allowing customers to participate in surveys helps get valuable insights into customer behavior.

Without having to invest in expensive infrastructure or development, enterprises can use OpenMarket’s flexible mobile engagement platform to do a lot of things that customers will appreciate.

One of the most distinctive features of the OpenMarket platform is the drag-and-drop Administrative UI. It lets customers design the logic for messaging workflows and interactions and also offers a complete set of APIs for developers that help deliver meaningful mobile experiences. In addition, it is capable of delivering customer alerts such as order and delivery notifications, appointment and bill reminders, sales offers and other urgent notifications.