Ad Roundup: Platforms to extend reach, targeting

Press release – February 4, 2016

By Kristina Knight, BizReport

In today’s advertising roundup, two new releases which should give marketers better insight into their customer bases.

First, OpenMarket has launched the global SMS API. The new toolset allows marketers to expand their SMS programs globally; it utilizes short codes and can be used with both local and text-enabled toll free numbers through a single API.

“The goal of OpenMarket’s new global SMS API is to allow our enterprise customers to focus on the content of their messages and the resulting customer experience, rather than the technical mechanics and logistics of actually sending them,” said Jay Emmet, General Manager for OpenMarket. “With OpenMarket handling all of the ‘under the hood’ complexities of SMS, our enterprise customers will benefit from simplification and greater delivery success, reducing the need for internal resources to manage these processes and allowing their efforts to remain solely on maximizing engagement.”

Meanwhile, SkimLinks has tapped Lotame for audience data. Through the new partnership, SkimLinks will offer up audience data from Lotame’s DMP into exchanges, trading desks, DSPs and publishers.

“We wanted to work with a trusted and collaborative partner for delivering our unique audience data to our publishers and partners,” said Alicia Navarro, CEO, Skimlinks. “Lotame not only enables us to scale our audience data distribution, but they offer innovative ways of leveraging this data to further benefit our publishers which is exciting for us.”