Expert: Top tips to incorporate RCS messaging (Part II)

Press release – June 12, 2017

By Kristina Knight, BizReport

According to comScore, about half of mobile consumers are downloading no new apps (per month), which has brands more focused on SMS and RCS messaging. But, with RCS so new, how can brands ensure they’re properly prepped?

Kristina: How soon can we expect to see RCS capabilities being embraced by brands?

Tim Fujita-Yuhas, Director of Product Management & New Product Strategy, OpenMarket: This past winter I had the pleasure of debuting the capabilities of RCS with our partner–Google–at Mobile World Congress. Our presentation at the event included a demo showcasing a recent use case with Virgin Trains, an OpenMarket customer who had formerly been using SMS to create a better boarding experience. We worked with Virgin Trains to realize how the customer journey could benefit through using RCS messaging, and then showed the results live at our booth. Our Virgin Trains demonstration was very well-received, and it immediately stirred creative ideas by brands on how they could do more with mobile messaging. If this interest and proven capabilities are any indication, we’ll see the rapid adoption of RCS very soon.

Kristina: What are the benefits to brands incorporating RCS into their marketing plan?

Tim: The biggest benefit for marketers is the mass amount of benefits RCS provides to consumers, and therefore, their target audience.

RCS allows consumers to have a mobile app-like experience in their mobile messaging inbox in a much more convenient way than requiring them to download yet another mobile app or have them toggling back and forth between web pages. Through simply pushing call-to-action buttons on RCS messages, consumers can access a simpler and richer user experience. By making customers’ lives easier and delivering them the information they need, when they need it, marketers are being empathetic to their customers while encouraging brand loyalty and ultimately, more dollars in the door.