SMS Most Under-used Comms Channel by Retailers

Press release – August 11, 2016

By Helen Leggatt, BizReport

Retailers are ignoring a simple, yet effective, communication channel to engage their mobile audiences. According to a new study from OpenMarket, very few retailers use SMS, or text messaging, despite its potential.

Retailers who are using SMS to reach mobile users are reaping the rewards with increased revenues, improved customer experience and better marketing and customer service efficiency, according to OpenMarket’s recent report.

Yet, while 97% of retailers use email, telephone (66%), social media (82%) and mobile apps (32%), the least-used of all communications channels is SMS with just 29% of retailers currently using it, most of which are global brands.

“SMS may not be a new technology, but the utility and capability of mobile messaging is still greatly untapped by many retailers,” says Jay Emmet, general manager for OpenMarket, a cloud-based mobile marketing solutions provider. “The retailers who have already embraced SMS are seeing success in terms of efficiency, reach, and business impact–setting a strong example for others to follow. As the survey results indicate, there is a lot of room for retailers to capitalize on the opportunities SMS provides.”

Last month, Bizreport spoke with Austin Wheat, Sr. Product Manager Enterprise Mobile Messaging at OpenMarket. He provided some top tips for improving on SMS strategy, including creating a dialogue, personalization and interactivity.