Top 3 Tips to Improve SMS Strategy

Press release – July 23, 2016

By Kristina Knight, BizReport

SMS is such a simple form for communication that many brands skip over it in favor of rich media, video, and other interactive formats. But, according to one expert, SMS is not something businesses should skip.


What is the future of SMS messaging for businesses?

Austin Wheat, Sr. Product Manager Enterprise Mobile Messaging at OpenMarket:

[The SMS] channel has continued to grow among both consumers and businesses alike.

In fact, realizing that this is where all the consumers are, industry leaders such as Facebook are looking for ways to incorporate the trend. Facebook recently added SMS capability to its Messenger platform.

Voice texting, made most famous by virtual mobile assistants Siri and Alexa, is also only going to increase in popularity. Travel firms already utilizing voice text for service such as travel planning will have the ability to fully offer customers services through interacting with software systems at a much more natural level.


What are your top three tips for brands to improve their SMS strategy?


  1. Using Personalization Tactics: Through collecting customer data via SMS, brands are able to better tailor their messages to individual customers’ preferences.
  2. Keep it Interactive: Mobile should be engaging. Including fun and creative keyword campaigns and mobile trivia that speaks to your customer segments is a great way to build a brand relationship and generate revenue.
  3. Make It Two-Way: Natural conversations are rarely one-sided, and SMS between a brand and customer shouldn’t be either. By instituting two-way messaging capabilities that allow customers to engage and respond to messages, rather than just receiving one-way texts, creates a fuller understanding of the customer–often leading to a better overall experience.