UK Consumers Welcome Ad Campaigns Offering Mobile Credit

Press release – August 9, 2011

By NMA staff for Econsultancy

Over 60% of the UK population would be interested in brand campaigns offering mobile crediting according to research conducted by consultancy firm MobileSquared.

The study, commissioned by billing company OpenMarket, revealed that 62% of the 1,000 respondents said they’d buy a product from brands offering mobile credit – where companies add credit directly to a user’s mobile account.

MobileSquared’s research also revealed a further 31% of respondents said they would be likely to buy from such brands in future.

Alex Moir, OpenMarket’s GM for Europe, said, “It’s clear that consumers value simplicity and convenience, and will gravitate to brands that understand this.

“There’s a clear opportunity for a much smarter approach to mobile payments, and providing a good experience goes a long way when it comes to consumer loyalty.”

The survey also revaled that 36% of respondents said they’d be happy to pay for goods valued at up to £10 via their mobile bill.

Meanwhile, 55% of respondents said the need to input their credit card details to buy goods on their phone was a disincentive to make a purchase.

However, MobileSquared’s research also revealed that retailers were lagging behind consumer demand for m-commerce, with only 20% of UK retailers having optimised their site for mobile browsing.

“Our research has shown that there are many occasions where people would happily pay for something but the process is so complicated it simply puts them off,” added Moir.

MobileSquared’s research also said the total number of UK m-commerce users is set to surpass 22.5m by the end of the year with just over 7.5m will to pay for products up to the value of £10 on their phones (see fig below).