Why Your Enterprise Should be Using Mobile Messaging

Press release – September 17, 2015

By Ian Barker, ITProPortal and BetaNews

A new infographic from enterprise mobile specialist OpenMarket looks at how companies are using mobile messaging to improve marketing and awareness, and make a positive impact on customer experience.

Findings include that mobile messaging is the most frequently used communication channel on the planet and that 90 per cent of texts are read within the first three minutes of opening. The millennial age group is 40 times more likely to react and respond to a business via text.When used for marketing, click-through rates for SMS are at nearly 20 per cent as against email at a mere two per cent. Read rates are higher too with 98 per cent for SMS, versus email at 20 per cent. Even for surveys, mobile response rates are 20 per cent, which is twice as high as phone polls and five times higher than for online questionnaires.A company’s willingness to use mobile messaging also drives people’s perceptions of it. 77 per cent of millennials have a positive view of a company they can text.

When using SMS, businesses have experienced a 20 per cent decrease in customer call volume and a 25 per cent increase in customer satisfaction. It also shows that 64 per cent of consumers prefer texting over voice communication for customer service.