Mobile Engagement Platform

Our Mobile Engagement Platform (MEP) lets you design and launch a messaging service as quickly as possible. Using our web-based drag-and-drop tool you can build a service literally within minutes without a single line of code.

Drag, drop, go

MEP makes it incredibly easy to set up and run a basic messaging service. You can:

  • Send both SMS and MMS messages
  • Set up two-way services using keywords or ‘fuzzy’ logic
  • Create contact lists that hold as much detail as you want about end users
  • Send ad hoc, broadcast messages that are personalized to each end user
  • Integrate with third-party systems to trigger messaging services
  • Easily comply with regional regulations such as HELP and STOP

The service is so easy to set up that you can be watching your messages flow through your route in a matter of minutes. On the other hand, if your messaging requirements are more complex, MEP gives you a variety of ways to add business logic—still without writing any code.

Instant stats, thorough reports

As soon as you launch a messaging program in MEP, you can view statistics in real time and filter the data by short code, keyword, date range, and destination. Later, when you want a fuller view, you can generate customized reports, based on the success rate of messages sent or how long your users have been in touch with your business.


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