SMS Messaging

Nothing so automated ever felt so personal.

Be there when it counts

SMS messaging – the humble text message – is the most common form of digital communication in the world.

And it has the power to transform a customer relationship from so-so to fully engaged. We know this because the world’s most customer-obsessed brands are using our technology to do incredible things.

They’re creating Empathetic Interactions, seizing countless opportunities to help their customers by giving them information, engagements, experiences and alerts just when they’ll most value them.

SMS: the facts, figures and opportunity

People are tired of emails and annoyed by disruptive voice calls. But people check their phones all the time. Here are the numbers that make the case:

  • Around 6 billion people use SMS messaging – around 84% of the human race
  • 98% of texts are read (compared with 20% of emails)
  • 90% of texts are opened within three minutes

That’s why a smart, automated text messaging service lets you connect with millions of customers – in precise moments and exact places.

Global API

Our flagship SMS API lets you reach people all around the world. But that’s not all. It also meets demanding requirements for high availability, security, and scale. There just isn’t another SMS API on the market quite like it. You can:

  • Connect to over 200 countries and territories for your one-way programs
  • Connect to over 95+ countries for your two-way programs
  • Use either XML or JSON to make API requests
  • Let the API select the best originator to use – short code, VMN, text-enabled long code – depending on the destination
  • Receive delivery receipts
  • Send extra-long messages
  • Let the API perform the network operator lookups
  • Let us determine which character encoding to use based on the destination

See global coverage and country specific details:

Round-the-clock reporting

Our Global SMS API constantly feeds data to our Unified Data Source, which in turn feeds our Dashboards & Reporting tools.

This means you have unfettered access to up-to-date and complete information about your SMS programs. You can access online reports or schedule them to be delivered to a destination (email, FTP, HTTP). You can use OpenMarket’s standard reports or create your own custom ones. You can set up a dashboard with different visualizations of your reports.

These and other reporting capabilities give you quick and reliable answers to the questions that matter most.

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