Delivering greatness

How SMS is a game-changer for delivery and shipping.

How much spare time do you have in your day? And how do you feel when a business¬† wastes that time by not telling you that the package you’re expecting is delayed, or by not giving you a chance to change the delivery time at short notice?

With so many retailers to chose from, experiences like these can’t cut it anymore. And that’s why the most successful retail brands have embraced mobile messaging for their delivery and shipping communication. They understand that it’s all about the Empathetic Interaction—anticipating what their customers want to know, when they need to know it, and how they’d like to interact if there’s a problem (hint: with a simple, convenient SMS message).

Our use case explains it further, such as:

  • Why text messaging is a better way for your customers
  • How OpenMarket’s Mobile Engagement Platform (MEP) helps deliver the right interactions
  • The other business wins you can expect—like direct cost-savings from fewer missed and repeat deliveries

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