Why SMS message marketing is the next killer app for customer experience

Oisin Lunny talks to The Telegraph’s Business Reporter about how empathy is driving future customer interactions.

Many companies say they’re ‘customer centric’ and ‘obsessed with customer satisfaction’, but continue to do their customer communications the way they’ve always done it – doing the bare minimum to avoid upsetting their customers.

But customers are no longer willing to accept mediocre experiences. In this video, Oisin Lunny explains:

  • How customer experience is evolving now we’re on a “phono-sapien” planet
  • Why customer satisfaction dipped between 2010 to 2014
  • The stats that show how customers are adapting to an always-on lifestyle
  • Why mobile apps are on their way out
  • The moments and nudges that only SMS can deliver

Watch the video now.

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