Our consulting team helps the world's leading brands use text messaging to deliver Empathetic Moments for millions of customers in thousands of different ways. We can do the same for you.


Solutions design

Whatever your business needs, our experts will work with your internal business team, engineers and third party suppliers to create mobile engagement solutions to meet them.

Service migration

If you’ve got existing text messaging solutions and need to migrate them to
OpenMarket, that’s no problem. We’ve got masses of experience migrating live services from other vendors so it’s invisible to your customers – and seamless for your business.


We offer training to help your people optimize your service design, run high volume broadcast message programs and create custom reports. Whether it’s for your developers, your ops people, or for sales, marketing and finance departments, we can help.


Systems integration

We’re old-hands at developing robust and scalable custom integration services to connect our platform with existing business infrastructure. Our team can help you optimize your business processes and leverage your existing back-end systems.

Custom software development

If you’ve got precise domain-specific business requirements, we’ve got the team to design, build and deploy top-notch custom solutions to meet those needs.

Campaign management

When you’re gearing up for a global messaging campaign you want to spend time on the big exciting stuff: who you’re going to target and the ways you’re going to reach them.

Not the nitty-gritty details of long and short code technicalities, international regulations and reams of paperwork.

But those nitty-gritty details are what we love – so leave it to us.

Managed services

If you want to get all the benefits of SMS, but you haven’t got the bandwidth to build, develop, test and deploy the workflows you need, never fear. Our service team of developers and text messaging experts are here to help.

We’ll work with you to understand exactly what you want to
achieve – and then get on with delivering it.


Being our customer means you have round-the-clock access to our Technical Support Engineering team who are ready to answer any question you have,
any time you need to ask it.

Check out our Resource Center for instructional whitepapers and SMS best practice guides, and our Docs site for all the details about using our products and services.

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